Tom McAninley(non-registered)
Great work. Did webwork together at HIPID in Upper Darby before you started teaching ? Did you live in Ardmore? It would be great to reconnect after all these years, if you’re the person I think you are. I’m retired and trying to reconnect with old friends.
John M. Harriz
We spoke with you at the Concordville Arts Fest last weekend. We definitely admired your creativity in photography. We just purchased on of your prints. Thanks and good luck.
Michael Newler(non-registered)
Your impressionism images are OUTSTANDING.....!!!!! Congratulations.....!!!!
I loved looking at all of your great photos. You can really tell how much hard work, love, and passion goes into every shot. Truly awesome to see and looking at these really just brighten up your day
Pam Walz(non-registered)
I love all your photos, especially the city scenes. Do you offer any instruction?
Thank-you, Pam Walz
Donna Davis(non-registered)
I am amazed by your photography!!! You create such emotion. All are truly the definition of art at its finest.
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